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Roseland Psychotherapy Associates has a team of expertly trained mental health professionals and consultants. We adhere to the highest standards of professionalism, training, and leadership, and are committed to improving the lives of those we serve. If you would like to learn about or contact any of our therapist, please click their name below.  


Katherine Appelbaum, LCSW

Monica Avisado, MSW, LCSW

Robin Bernstein, LCSW

Maxine Bock, LCSW

Lisa Cardinal, LPC, NCC 

Erik Dranoff, Ph.D  

Jennis Hanna, Ph.D

Jennifer Hoehn, LCSW   

Bernadette Joyce, LPC, NCC 

Peter Lawson, MA, LPC 

Despina Pittas, MA, LPC 

Susan Saler, LCSW     

Tony Sciaino, MA, ED.S          

Hana Shiloach, LPC 

Nancy Tabs, LCSW






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