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Sometimes we have big decisions to make or want to make sure we are going in the right direction. RPA offers evaluations that are time sensitive, informative and valuable in choosing the right path. Whether the decision is about the best college fit for your child or as an adjunct to your current therapy these evaluations offer a unique psychological insight that can guide you. Our highly trained
psychologist conducts these assessments sometimes within a 2 hour session and typically provides at least 3 insights that are significant and useful.
College Selection Assessement
This assessment helps you to choose the best college for your particular student based upon a number of psychological and emotional factors. Traditional college placement specialists don’t utilize these social/emotional indicators to add to your decision making process. These insights can help a student choose the university that will most suit them, not just academically, but socially, and emotionally as well and lead to the best experience. We take into account factors such as distance from home, mental health, college size, and other selection variables to set you on a path to success. These assessments typically require 1 hour with the parents and 1 hour with the student to complete. And they end with a detailed discussion of the findings with the whole family.
Camp Readiness and Selection Assessement
When its time to make the big choice about whether to send your child to sleepaway camp or not or which camp is best suited to their personalities most parents spend a lot of energy making this decision. Our highly experienced and trained psychologist uses a series of factors and variables to guide your decision. He can predict the likelihood of that child adjusting to the sleepaway experience and what areas of that child to strengthen in order to increase the chances of a positive and meaningful summer. He can also aid in the choice of which camp fits your child’s needs and personality characteristics.
Diagnostic Assessment
These assessments are time sensitive and can be preformed on adults or children. The can be used as an adjunct to current therapy, or as a way to choose the right therapeutic approach or medication for you. Through a series of evaluative measures, our psychologist can give you an accurate and detailed diagnosis. This often helps our clients know what to focus on in therapy and/or to choose a therapist that may have some knowledge base in their particular problem. It also helps psychiatrists to better prescribe medication because the more detailed the information, the better that medication might work to alleviate your symptoms. These assessments can be done with children or adults. It is often helpful in working with the school system as well to have an accurate picture of what your child needs from a particular environment.
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