Keith Brouca, LPC

keith brouca

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor who started my mental health career in 2013.

When working with children and teens I work hard to find the individual talents, strengths and interests of each of my youth, to make individual plans and sessions tailored for their unique goals. I am also understanding that the youth I work with do not operate in isolation, and incorporate caregivers in all treatment plans, while also assisting them with the tools necessary for sustained progress. I have worked with those in the DD population, adolescents and children going through trauma, and those working through life goals (such as beginning a new school/job). 

My goal for therapy is to make it fun for the clients while still helping them to achieve their goals. I use games, arts and crafts, and other engaging techniques to help the kids buy into therapy.  It's my intention to leave kids that I work with a sense that therapy is neither a chore, nor a punishment, but rather a positive, healthy experience that they can build upon throughout their life. 

In addition to children, I have many years experience working with individual adults, families, and couples. I enjoy helping individuals discover their hidden strengths as they work towards personal growth. When working with couples I focus a great deal on communication and really hearing what your partner is saying.