Maxine Bock, LCSW

For over 35 years I have been privileged to work with individuals, couples, families and groups.  Having been trained in many theoretical backgrounds, I am eclectic in my approach, including creating my own. In other words, I do what works.  Most definitely,  I am an out of the box thinker. Every person is unique and experiences things differently. It is important to treat the person, not the problem, diagnosis or issue.  I am always invested in my clients, in helping them to reach their desired outcome.  In order to do so, one must be relatable, humanistic, compassionate and empathic.  I am humbled by the opportunity I have had in working with a diverse group of individuals of various ages and backgrounds.  I am passionate about helping, as well as, advocating for the people who put their trust in me.  




425 Eagle Rock Ave.  Suite 103
Roseland, N.J.  07068