Psychological Testing


Roseland Psychotherapy Associates offers an extensive range of psychological assessment options. Psychological assessment can help to understand an individual’s strengths and areas for growth, which can help to inform treatment planning.

Assessment of children often involves the family and the school. We advocate for your child to ensure that they are receiving appropriate accommodations and services.  Our clinicians have extensive experience consulting with child study teams on Individualized Education Programs (IEP).  Clinicians at RPA are also available to review and offer second opinions on evaluations completed at your child’s school.

Assessments Offered:

-Comprehensive Psychological (including Psychoeducational and Clinical)

-Cognitive/Intellectual Functioning

-Psychoeducational (including Cognitive and Academic Achievement)



-Neurodevelopmental (Screening for Executive Functioning and ADHD)

Dr. Eric Dranoff, Ph.D