Web Therapy/Online Counseling

We are so excited to be offering online counseling that is completely confidential and secure. This form of counseling is helpful for many people who find that traditional psychotherapy is not accessible due to an array of barriers. May you be on bed rest, have a disability, suffer from anxiety-related issues that keep you from leaving the house, struggle with post-partum, have a newborn at home, or struggle with child care options, maybe you are away for an extended period of time and don't want to miss your regular sessions, away at college, or you are just stuck at the office and can't make traditional therapy office hours work for you.  Web therapy may be the best option.  As distance counselors, we use a variety of technologies to assist clients to function with, or grow towards, increased wellness in their personal and professional lives. These technologies include video-based therapy or telephone sessions. These modalities can be used in combination with face-to-face sessions or as the sole method of counseling.

Beth Levy-Merlin, Ph.D. (c), MSW, LCSW, and Julie Potischman, Ph.D. (c), MA, NCC, LPC have been trained by the ReadyMinds distance counseling credentialing team and are credentialed to provide therapy in these modes.  We also have a team of therapists ranging in age, and gender available to offer you web therapy at the convenience of your home, school, or office.  Please contact us for additional information on how distance counseling can be productive and effective. You can also visit for more information on internet/phone-based counseling.
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